Vincent Dewaersegger

Senior Manager

Toyota Motor Europe


Mr Vincent Dewaersegger graduated Master in Applied Sciences (Thermo-Mechanical Engineering) from the UC Louvain, Belgium in 1997. He has, since 2017, worked as the head of Toyota Product Communication (PR), within Toyota Motor Europe. Before this he worked as a Senior Manager of Product Planning and Marketing, responsible for the Prius and Mirai line-up (2013 – 2016) and before as responsible for Powertrain planning and overall Product Power improvement, like Sensory Quality and Product Identity (2008 – 2013). Mr Dewaersegger joined Toyota Product Planning in 2004, initially working in the area of safety and multimedia. Before joining Toyota, Mr Dewaersegger worked at an automotive supplier (1997-2003) as Application Manager for Engine Control Units, specifically Engine Air Intake. He spent 2 years in the USA (1997 – 2000) at the division’s R&D and Production centre.